August 2, 2015

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Anti dandruff shampoo does not cure dandruff permanently; we have to be clear with that. However, by using these shampoos regularly, you can effectively minimize the flaking of scales for several days. Hence, effectively, these shampoos help prevent the fungus and bacteria grown in the head, hence preventing the development of dandruff.

The manufacturers of anti dandruff shampoo have so far many different brands of such shampoo in the market. To choose the exact shampoos to meet your need, you ought to know some of their differences. Let’s look at some of the details.


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Chemical and Natural Based

The anti dandruff shampoos are generally classified as chemical and natural based shampoos. The chemical based shampoos are those that consist of chemical prepared in the laboratories while their natural based counterparts are made with herbs and various natural ingredients. Most individuals have their perception about these 2 types are shampoos though, but they are both high in market demand.


Over-the-counter and Prescribed Shampoos

Most individuals purchase their shampoos over-the-counter after perhaps seeing the brand on the TV advertisement. However, there are some who prefer to buy the shampoo specifically prescribed by the experts or dermatologists. Most manufacturers provide both of these kinds of shampoos to cater to different customer needs.


Let’s look at some of the key advantages of the anti dandruff shampoos

Anti dandruff shampoo has a good range of benefits. Many who use these shampoos have experienced good results though it does not exactly cure the dandruff. We will examine what exactly is dandruff and some of the ways to remedy it in this website.

The key property of this shampoo is certainly to help clean the scalp and rid the hair of all toxins. Especially when one uses the specialist shampoo, it will help to remove hair spray, hair gel or any of the dye products we place on the affected location of our head. The key property of such shampoo is certainly to remove these pollutants from our head and help breakup any dandruff flakes that already exists among the hair. Once the shampoo is rinsed out, all these pollutants will also be drained away.

These shampoos also help to add some good vitamin to the scalp. The shampoo will help to moisturize the scalp to a certain extent which will help to prevent any worsening of scalp flaking. Some of these shampoos also provide vitamin B as well as E in their formula which will help to maintain the health of the scalp. There are other shampoos which help prevent the drying of the scalp instead of injecting the vitamin or even healthy oils.

Most of these anti dandruff shampoos contain active ingredients which help to rebalance the scalp’s pH balance. How this work will depend on the ingredients that are mixed into the shampoos and this balance will generally not last much longer. Not all these shampoos are manufactured the same, so it is best for you to use for than one brand to get the best results. Normally, the ingredients that are added into the shampoos are selenium sulfide and pryritheone. They can be found in most common shampoos. Other product may contain more effective ingredients like Nizoral and ketoconazole. These ingredients are capable of delivering a much long lasting results. Well, you should always consult a doctor if you need the stronger shampoos.


Best dandruff shampoos

Generally dandruff will affect different individuals differently. For some, this could be just mere annoying while for others, this could cause great embarrassment as well as discomfort. We will lose some dead skin cells everyday especially when the scalp is oily. These dead skin cells could easily clump together to form these white flake which is the dandruff. The cause could be hereditary or result of deficiency in vitamin B or key nutrients.

For most of the cases, dandruff can be easily managed using mild anti dandruff shampoo on an on-going basis. However, there are some individuals who will find this hard to control. Especially so when the flakes are actually yellow with raised skin patches on the shoulders, face or back, then it is an indication of inflammation (dermatitis or seborrhoeic eczema). Such condition will require stronger treatment. The following are some of the best anti dandruff shampoos known in the market. But if these still doesn’t work, it is advisable to consult a doctor or dermatologist immediately.

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1) Head and Shoulders shampoos

These shampoos contain zinc pyrithione and can be purchased in most countries in the world. It is generally mild, but is a rather effective way to control dandruff. For those with serious dandruff problem, P&G, manufacturer of Head and Shoulders shampoos will also have an intensive treatment for the issue. These special range contains selenium sulphide and should be used in moderation.


2) Tea tree shampoo

If you are hunting for a milder natural option, then you may want to look at the tea tree shampoo. There are varieties of such shampoos and they are available for a reasonable price. They are certainly worth the try to determine if they can be effective in solving your dandruff issue.


3) L’Oreal Elvive shampoos

These shampoos contain selenium disulphide and are designed for different hair types. They carry also an intensive version designed specifically for more serious cases. The manufacturer that to get the best result out of the shampoo, one should always massage the shampoo into the scalp, allow the shampoo there on the head for a few moments before rinsing off.


This is a video specifically on how to cure dandruff. The presenter starts by discussing on the types of dandruff, which are mainly the Pityriasis and the Seborrhea Darmatitis. The  Seborrhea Darmatitis is known to be a more severe type of dandruff and result in greasier hair. It is more of a scaling than mere flaking as in the case of Pityriasis.

To manage both kinds of dandruff, she recommends to use the dandruff shampoo. The shampoos are specially formulated to handle the dandruff issue. Other approaches beside the shampoo will be:

a)      Boiled water with tea leaves and lime. This solution, once cooled can be used as a rinse of the hair.

b)      Hot Tea tree oil therapy or the lemon juice + cosmetic vinegar approach. This is useful for cleaning the scalp as well as balancing the pH level.

c)      Diet and Stress Level ought to be properly managed to achieve the best result. Stress can worsen the dandruff issue; hence it is imperative to have it well managed.

If all the above does not work, then it is advisable to consult the doctor for more intensive treatment. Other useful information on how dandruff develop and how anti dandruff shampoo works can also be found in the internet. Do check it out.

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